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Puppet Vagrant Error Could not evaluate: /usr/bin/env: ruby

I had a real nasty error today trying to build my puppet master using puppet Vagrant provisioning on Windows 7 and trying to use the concat module resulted in a weird error:

puppet "Could not evaluate: /usr/bin/env: ruby"

After a bit of hunting around I found that when installing git if you select the first option git will convert LF to CRLF and it actually does then when cloning repos which results in a carriage return in the middle of one of the concat files.

The Fix

On Windows here is my git installation – the key item is ensuring git doesn’t do anything funky when checking out files, here is the recommended Windows setup:

git-install-1 git-install-2

After the reinstall and choosing the above settings I deleted the modules that had previously been downloaded via git and kicked off my Vagrant R10K process when fixed the error described above.

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