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Install and Configure Puppet Open Source Agent on Windows – How To Series 3

So far through the series we have got a basic Puppet Master and Puppet Dashboard running.  At this point we’ll start to add a new Windows 7 Puppet agent and apply a very basic Puppet manifest.

Part 1 – How to install puppet open source on virtual box

Part 2 – How To install and Configure Puppet Dashboard 

Part 3 – How to install and configure Puppet Open Source Agent on Windows

Step 1 – Install the Puppet Open Source Agent on Windows 7 – NO AUTO SIGNING

In this step we’ll add a new agent but without SSL cert autosigning so you can see how it works in more detail.

  1. Download the latest version of the Puppet open source agent from here:
  2. Install the MSI
  3. Ensure you can ping your puppet master, in this example I had to add an entry to my hosts file
  4. Run through the first screens until you get to the hostname, here you need to enter the name of your puppet master which for me is puppet.local:
  5. Now we can try and test the new agent Start -> Programs -> Puppet -> Start Command Prompt With Puppet 
    Run puppet agent –test as shown in the image below
  6. On the Puppet master lets see if any nodes are waiting to be approved:
  7. As we can see above our new agent is waiting to be added, we can manually do this by running the following on the master:
    # puppet cert –sign –all
  8. Test the agent again by repeating step 5:
  9. We can also see the new node in the Puppet Dashboard:

Step 2 – Install the Puppet Open Source Agent With Auto Signing

For test purposes it’s annoying to keep going back to the master and approving new nodes, Puppet has an “auto signing” feature which will help us here.  

  1. Add the following to the the [master] section (create if it doesn’t exist)
    # nano /etc/puppet/puppet.conf
    autosign = $confdir/autosign.conf
    Configure Autosigning 
    Puppet works heavily with SSL certs, by default when you add an agent you need to confirm it using the master.  We’ll setup auto signing to automacially add our agents:
  2. Create a new autosign.config file:
    # nano /etc/puppet/autosign.conf  
  3. Add entries to match your domain:
    (For more info see
  4. Restart the puppet master
    # service puppetmaster restart


Step 3 – Remove Node and Add Again

  1. On the puppet master find the node you would like to remove:
    # puppet cert list –all
  2. Remove the node using it;s name from step 1:
    puppet node clean <node>
  3. Rerun the test on the client as described in step 1.5 above


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