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Net Search Media Review and Complaints

I’m starting  a new section on Internet scams and general sales sleazebags that I come across in the hope that it will save other people from going through the same pain that I or others have been through.

Net Search Media Complaints

First on the list is, there are plenty of Net Search Media complaints on the Internet regarding the sales tactics of this company, please see the following for other unhappy customers:



This company which also ran under the name of “Double Click Media Ltd” also deceives people by claiming to be from Facebook or Google, this is disgusting and fraudulent.

My wife used this company to trial a facebook ad for 1 month, over the phone she explicitly said that the ad was to run for 1 month as a trial, the sales women called Michelle confirmed that there was no contract and yes the ad would only run for 1 month.  The campaign only received 33 clicks and was not to be run again.

Later NetSearchMedia without authorisation took £240 from my wifes account, after making a complaint and requesting that the ad be stopped as agreed in the phone call the money was refunded.

The next month took another £120 without authorisation!  After complaining they refused to refund the money stating that a verbal contract was made over the phone and that there was no way she would get her money back.  They also refused to provide any evidence of the “contract” stating that they “don’t need to”.  

NetSearchMedia are now being reported to trading standards and a chargeback is now being placed with the bank.  Interestingly on the website they state that if you do chargeback you will still owe then money, face a £150 “admin fee” and they will call the debt collectors in.

Why would they need to make such a statement on their site!?

I urge anyone thinking about using this company to stay clear as they are pure con artists.   Also if you have been a victim of Net Search Media Ltd then I urge you to report it here:


  1. Business Customer Business Customer
    6th September 2012    

    I am also having similar issues with Netsearch Media Ltd. Since I made the first debit card transaction for a Facebook ad for just one month only which got me no customers, they sent me a stats report which claimed that so many impressions have been made and it said that the ad will be automatically extended unless it is cancelled (despite Natasha Rea informing me at the outset that there is no contract and it was only a 1 month trial) and even though the cancellation was done immediately, they took the payment anyway. When the bank was notified and a chargeback was made. Now they took the payment again. Can we join forces to fight this. Group action will produce good results.

    I saw your blog and tried to report it to Action Fraud link which you provided, but at the end of the Report it said that I should just complain to the local police.

    I am also a SOLICITOR. I just complained to Trading Standards. I will be happy to start a group action for all of you affected by this scam for free as this company MUST BE stopped in their tracks and we should all get our money back.

    If you check the Company Records from Company House, they make profit in the range of £80,000 per month at the expense of victims like us whilst other genuine businesses do not make this level of profits in the current economic climate – now who know that the profit is made by such illegair malpractices and unfair trading standards. I saw a Trading Standard previous complaint and it's even surprising that Trading Standards has allowed it to continue without taking any action with the result there are more victims on a daily basis.

    Business Customer

  2. Mark Mark
    18th September 2012    

    I have also been "blagged" by Net Search Media. The usual 1 month trial and the promise to be contacted towards the end of the trial. They have now taken 3 months and also increased the monthly payment without notice! I have spoken to Trading standards, who advised me to cancel the contract and make it clear that their profit/loss had been covered by the 1st 2 months payment.Still they took another payment! Instead of cancellation Matt (advertising manager), has offered an online marketing campaign to achieve high Google rankings, bare face cheek! First Direct will be applying charge back next month. Please could anyone contact me with some information, if they have any success with their quest "TO NAIL" these fraudsters!

  3. Frances Frances
    29th January 2013    

    Yes, I too have been taken in by them. Similar story really – no stats, numerous unauthorised payments from my barclaycard etc. Rang them to complain and they said they would look into it. Whilst waiting for their call I decided to check them out and I've just found these reviews and am kicking myself for not doing this in the first place! I'm in no doubt that there'll be no further phone call or explanation from Net Search Media so I've gone straight to Barclaycard to report their activities.

    Please note they have recently changed their name. They're no longer called NET SEARCH MEDIA. They are now:-

    The Media Supermarket Ltd.

    They are exactly the same outfit but working in a new guise so would strongly advise not going anywhere near them and on no account give them your card details.

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