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Powershell Web Administration Get-Web...

Powershell Web Administration Get-Website Name Ignored

Seems like a few bugs exist in the PowerShell Web Administration cmdlets, for example I was trying to use Get-Website to find a website by its name but it always retured an array of all websites and ignored the name argument: This DOESN’T WORK: $site = Get-Website -Name “DanSite” This WORKS: $site = Get-Item “iis:sites/DanSite” […]



  MSDeploy is really good for deploying websites and syncing up websites but it can be a real pain to configure and get going intially.  The MSDeploy documentation is a bit poor as well and quite often you’ll get a very strange error which can be quite cryptic.  Here’s a good example that had me […]

2GB Hosting Review – SEO Hostin...

2GB Hosting Review – SEO Hosting

Recently I started to experient with creating my own network of sites with different class C IP addresses, there’s quite a few companies offering SEO hosting with multiple class C IP addresses which is very useful and there are some reasonable prices around (beware you do get what you pay for though).  I have a […]

PowerShell Remoting Should Have Eleva...

PowerShell Remoting Should Have Elevated Status Error

Had a good one recently on a newly built server whilst trying to get PowerShell WinRM working with a local admin user, here’s the scenerio: Enter-PSSession -ComputerName servername -Port 81 -cred servername\localusername [servername]: Import-Module webadministration Process should have elevated status to access IIS configuration data. When running this as a local admin account I receive […]