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Google, Bing and Yahoo Local Business...

Google, Bing and Yahoo Local Business Listings

It’s important as a business to market yourself in the right places and one good free marketing activity is placing yourself in the "Local Business Listings".  When done correctly this can have fantastic results because your listing can be displayed at the top of Google, absolutely free! Take my case study:  I’m working on doing […]

SEO Authority Tagging

SEO Authority Tagging

I came across this video today which sounds really useful, I’m going to try this on a couple of small sites and measure the results. Let me know if you try this and get any good results.

SEO 2009 Ranking Roundup

SEO 2009 Ranking Roundup

I often visit SEOMoz for good information and now they’ve published their 2009 SEO roundup which is well worth the read: Search Ranking Factors

Installing Metastorm 7.6 BPM on Windo...

Installing Metastorm 7.6 BPM on Windows 7/SQL 2008

I needed to install Metastorm BPM on my fresh new blazing fast Windows 7 installation this week (why didn’t Bill Gates get Vista right the first time!?). Anyway it’s not as bad installing Metastorm as it used to be years ago. Metastorm BPM 7.6 Installation Notes Install Visual C++ redistributable This part is important: […]

SEO Link Building With Comment Spam &...

SEO Link Building With Comment Spam – Google Says No

We’ve all seen it, you end up on a blog and you’ll be reading the nice helpful comments and then suddenly "cash loans – Nice post mate!".  (I get them on here a lot as well…delete, no thank you Mr Spammer). Google has recently posted an entry on the Web Master Tools Blog about its […]

Asp.Net MVC 2 JsonRequestBehavior.All...

Asp.Net MVC 2 JsonRequestBehavior.AllowGet

If you’ve been trying out Asp.Net MVC 2 you might come across this error: This request has been blocked because sensitive information could be disclosed to third party web sites when this is used in a GET request. But it worked in MVC 1.0!  There is a security vulnerability using JQuery AJAX GET requests (JSON […]